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Want to sell your book? This is the podcast you need to listen to!

Learn how to write, create, market, and promote your indie book. Each week, Nick Thacker, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson answer questions about self-publishing, entrepreneurship, writing, and go off on numerous hilarious (we think) tangents. From writing to marketing, productivity, motivation, and a bunch of off-topic humor, this is THE podcast for authors!

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    SPA 62: Live from the NETWO Conference!

    Today is a special day - the guys are live at the North East Texas Writer's Organization conference, doing a live podcast. That's right - they've got a table set up in the front of the meeting hall, and they discuss some of the reasons for podcasting as a marketing tool.

    This episode is great for beginning podcasters, but it's also just a really fun episode in general. Don't miss it!

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    SPA 61: Short Stories and How to Use Them

    The guys discuss the deceptively difficult genre for writers: the elusive short story. From Arthur C. Clarke to Philip K. Dick, and a few other notable short story penners in-between, they discuss how they're using them to build their platforms, how to approach them as a writing tool, and how to write them.

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    SPA 60: Genre Targeting for Authors

    Today the goodly gents discuss genres with C.S. Lakin. She's a hugely successful author in different genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and she has some amazing insights into the all-too-important task of choosing a great genre for your books.

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    SPA 57: The Most Inspirational, Awesome Books of All Time

    ...Or at least according to the guys. In this episode, the dudes chat about the most inspiring presentations, talks, books, movies, podcasts, etc. they've ever encountered and had the pleasure to consume.

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    SPA 55: Improvisation and Revising for Writers

    Today the guys discuss the rules of improve, as they apply to writers. Comedy improvisation rules are things like, "never say 'no,'" "yes/and," etc. But while these "rules" are helpful and can lead to really funny improvised comedy, it can also be a detriment to your story arcs.

    Which rules are meant to be broken? Which are the rules that are necessary? When should you break them?

    The guys chat about these rules, their processes, and what they've heard other authors do.

    Justin's process for writing wearing four hats during four phases of the journey: "The Madman" (first draft), "The Architect" (second draft and moving big pieces around), "The Carpenter" (moving the tinier "boards" around the story), and "The Judge" (the final "is it good" draft). Here's a great lecture explaining the process.

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    SPA 54: Writing Christian Fiction with Rachel Starr Thomson

    Rachel Starr Thomson doesn't just have a cool name. She's a veritable writing rockstar (a "wrockstar"). She's been on the show before, but we caught up with her today to discuss a HUGE topic we've been pondering for quite some time: writing Christian fiction.

    Specifically, we talked about:

    What is Christian fiction? Why write it? How in the world do you keep everyone happy ("it's too Christian," or "it's not Christian enough...") Marketing strategies for Christian fiction And way more. As usual, this was an awesome, super-informative happy-fun-time. Don't you want to be a part of it? Well, click "download" and start listening!

    And please don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes!

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    SPA 53 - 2016 Goals and Dreams, and Looking Back at 2015

    We had some podcast issues last month, so some of the later episodes appeared out of order. Not to worry though, this is the long-awaited, critically-acclaimed, and highly anticipated "goals and dreams" episode we publish every year.

    It's a look back at 2015, a look ahead at 2016, and a discussion of our dreams, goals, and what we want to accomplish this year.

    Don't miss this one.

    Also (IMPORTANT!): Since we had some podcast issues, we had to set up a new feed on iTunes, which means that all of your awesome reviews are gone! Would you mind heading to iTunes to leave us a fancy review? Thanks!

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